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The mission of the City Manager's Office is to build and maintain, through sound management principles and community participation, an effective City government organization; to ensure the effective delivery of services; to provide the management direction and support for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all city programs; and to ensure coordination and consistency in implementing policies and programs approved by the City Council.



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Wendell Johnson
City Manager 



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The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and holds office strictly at the pleasure of the Council. The Manager is responsible to the Council for the efficient administration of all administrative and business affairs of the City. In carrying out this responsibility, the Charter provides that the City Manager shall have the following authority and responsibilities:


  • To see that the laws and ordinances of the City are enforced.
  • To appoint and remove all subordinate officers and employees of the City, with the exception of the City Attorney and City Clerk.
  • To exercise control and direct supervision over all departments and divisions of the municipal government.
  • To recommend to the City Council for adoption such measures, as may be deemed necessary or expedient in the interest of the City.
  • To keep the City Council fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the City and to submit for its consideration an annual budget.
  • To represent the City in its relations with the public, the press, and other governmental entities.

Wendell Johnson was appointed as City Manager of Lake City on July 6, 2009.   He is a native of Bainbridge, Georgia and he and his wife Diane have two children and seven grandchildren.  Mr. Johnson is Vietnam Veteran and retired in 1989 as a Senior Master Sergeant following 20 years service in the United States Air Force.  His City Management career began in 1990 as a planner with the City of Crestview, Florida and he previously served as the City Manager of Graceville, Chipley, and Clewiston, Florida.   Mr. Johnson holds a B.S. in Business Administration along with extensive educational accomplishments awarded during his 20-year Air Force Career.  His management background includes extensive experience in city finance, utilities administration, grant writing, human resources, growth management, capital facilities planning, economic development and construction project management.


As a “Full Member” of the International City Manager Association, Mr. Johnson is committed to maintaining the public trust, achieving equity and social justice, affirming human dignity, and improving the quality of life for all Lake City residents.


To contact the City Manager's Office, please call (386) 719-5768.


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