Building Department

The building department operates under the 2014 Florida Building Codes as adopted by the State of Florida and requirements of Chapter 553, Florida Statutes.


The Florida Product Approval System is required when submitting plans for approval as of April 1, 2004.


Plans Submittal:  Building plans complying with the plan review process in Chapter 1 of the Building Code shall be submitted with completed application to the department Permits Technician.  Permits for construction are issued only when the requirements of the department have been completed and plans are approved by the Department Director or the proper plans reviewer.


Permits shall be issued to contractors as licensed by Chapter 489.FS Part I and II and/or in accordance with exceptions noted within Chapter 489 FS.


Contractors shall provide the following information to the Department Administrative Assistant with each permit application:

  1. Copy of active Florida Contractors License
  2. Certificate of Insurance naming the City as additional insured,  providing proof of General Liability Insurance. (a) minimum amount of $300,000 for the prime contractor and naming the City of Lake City as an additional insured. (b) Minimum amount of $100,000 for sub-contractors and listing City of Lake City as a additional insured
  3. Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance by Certificate of Insurance issued by insurance company licensed by the state of Florida.  If contractor elects to be worker’s compensation exempt, then a Worker’s Compensation Exemption Certificate issued by the State of Florida is required.  Note: When leased employees are used the employee leasing company shall provide worker’s compensation policy naming each leased employee on the project.  Employees added as job progresses shall be named on policy prior to commencing work.
  4. Proof of a current year Business Tax Receipt in accordance with F.S. 205.65.

Notice of Commencement:  Notice shall be recorded with the Clerk of Court, Columbia County, Florida, in accordance with Florida Statute Ch. 713.   In addition, copies of the recorded notice shall be posted on the job site on a weather protected bulletin board and one copy filed with the Building Department.  Also, the contractor shall show that one copy is forwarded to the owner.  Note: (notice of commence due to Building Department and posted by first inspection)


Fees:  Permits shall be issued upon payment of fees and permit approvals (fees subject to change by resolution).

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