The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for the investigative follow up on the Patrol Division's cases. These cases can range from minor misdemeanor cases such Petit Thefts to major felonies such as Sexual Assaults and Homicides.


The Criminal Investigations Division is made up of one Sergeant Investigator and three Investigators. These Investigators are on a rotational On-Call status for after regular business hours calls. The Investigators are responsible for processing, or verifying that processing has been completed at a crime scene. The collected evidence (photographs, body fluids, clothing, fingerprints, weapons, etc.) is then prepared and submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime laboratory for processing. The Investigators are also responsible for conducting interviews and verifying that all investigations are thorough and complete.The Investigators obtain specialized training and are supplied with several computer databases that assist them in their investigations.


On major cases, such as homicides the Investigators work directly with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agents and their Crime Scene Technicians in a joint effort to clear the investigation.

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