Natural Gas

The City of Lake City is excited to offer incentives to residents who are considering converting to natural gas appliances or replacing thier existing natural gas appliances. Follow the links below for more information.

Rebate Program | Rebate Form | Rebate Process | List of Approved Contractors | Rebate FAQ's

Need a gas line run to your house? If you live within 500 feet of an existing gas main, the City will run the line to your house at no cost to you. Don’t live by an existing gas main? Don’t worry! Call the Natural Gas Department at 386-758-5405 to discuss your options. There’s always a way to get gas to your house! Want to see where the current gas lines are? The map below shows the existing natural gas lines in yellow.

Benefits of Natural Gas | Public Safety Awareness | Before You Dig

City Gas Map

(Click map for a larger view.)

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