Before You Dig

Here's what the flags or other physical markings mean to guide you before you dig:


White White - proposed excavation
Blue potable water
Green sewers and drain lines
Purple reclaimed water and irrigation
Pink temporary survey markings
Red electric power lines, cables, conduit and lightning cables
Yellow gas, oil, steam, petroleum or gaseous materials
Orange communication, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduits

Call 811 before you dig or visit the Sunshine 811 website. This is a free service to help keep Lake City safe!

Who is required to notify Sunshine 811?

Anyone who intends to excavate (disturb the surface of the earth) in Florida, unless a specific exemption listed in s. 556.108, F.S., applies.

I’ve hit a gas line; what do I do now?

Whether there is visible damage or not, you must stop excavating. If lives or property are in danger, call 911 immediately. Then notify the owner of the affected underground facility directly. Excavators and members may access the emergency contact book using Internet Ticket Entry. Others can call Sunshine State One Call at (800) 638-4097.



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