Natural Gas Rebate FAQ's

Rebate FAQ’s


How do I qualify for a rebate?

Qualifying is simple. All you have to do is live in the Lake City service area and replace and/or convert an existing appliance with a qualified new natural gas appliance. Please see our rebate page for full details on qualifying appliances.

Can I install the appliance myself?

Yes. However, all work must be permitted and inspected prior to applying for a rebate.

Do the rebates apply to other appliances such as stoves, fireplaces, gas grills or generators?

Yes! Lake City now offers conversion rebates on the following natural gas appliances: furnaces, ranges, dryers, water heaters (tank and tankless), wall or floor heaters, generators, fire logs, natural gas lights, pool heaters and grills. Please see our rebate page for full details.

What documents are required to get a rebate?

After your new appliance has been permitted, installed and inspected, all you need is a completed rebate form and a copy of your invoices.

At what point in the process can I apply for the rebate?

You may apply for the rebate after your new appliance has been installed and passed inspection.

Do I have to use a particular plumber to qualify for the rebate?

No, the choice is yours.

How soon can I expect my rebate check?

Rebate checks are processed monthly and usually arrive in four to six weeks.

Is there an expiration date to apply for the rebate?

Yes, 60 days from the installation date of the appliance.

How do I request gas connection to my house?
Your gas appliance installer makes the request for you, when requesting a City permit for gas appliance installations.

What is the charge for a gas pipe connection from the street to the house?
There is no “tap” fee for natural gas. You or your contractor can contact the City to have a new service line run to your home. There is, however, a deposit for new natural gas customers. For residential customers, this deposit is a $100 base fee with a BTU calculation added in.

How long does it take to get the tap?
About one to two weeks.

What are the advantages of using natural gas?
Natural gas continues to be the best value for your energy dollar. Compared to electricity, natural gas appliances can cost less than half as much to operate. As a gas customer you'll enjoy savings up to almost 50% on your heating, water heating, clothes drying and cooking costs! More importantly gas is a safe, reliable, and environmentally-friendly energy source.

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