Collection System Pump Stations



The City owns and operates 51 wastewater pumping stations ranging in capacity from 32 to 1000 gallons per minute. In addition to the wastewater pump stations owned and operated by the City, there is one special storm water pumping station maintained by the City. It is used to divert Storm Water flows into Lake Harris from the Lake City Country Club area.The Division has an active program to insure proper operation and maintenance of pump stations. This includes regularly scheduled maintenance, maintaining complete accurate repair records and properly training staff. In addition, over the last seven years, the City has invested nearly $450,000 from operating funds towards pump station repairs and improvements.Since 1992, the City has experienced a relatively consistent pattern of declining flows reflecting, primarily, the Divisions success in reducing non-billable extraneous flows such as infiltration and inflow ("I/I"). Average daily flows have fallen from 2.8 mgd to 2.4 mgd. Maximum daily flows, averaged monthly, have fallen from 3.0 mgd to 2.5 mgd.Flows to the plant reflect three distinct sources of wastewater:

  • Domestic flow discharged to the sewer system by residents and businesses located in the sewer collection district.
  • Groundwater entering the system indirectly as I/I.
  • Non-domestic contributions from industrial customers.

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