Gravity Sewer Maintenance

In 1998, our Public Works Department received delivery of a TV Inspection System. This system is used to identify problem areas in the collection system and initiate spot repairs without the expensive guesswork associated to digging blind.




A video camera is inserted into a piping system through manholes then, entire sections of sewer can be video taped for review to identify problems at exact locations for dig-up and repair. This allows maintenance crews to repair leaking pipe joints that eliminate costly inflow and infiltration (I & I) into the collection system.

In response to the improved capabilities to identify Collection system problems the Public Works Department established a sewer maintenance crew to initiate spot repairs to the sewer system.

The cornerstone of the Divisions preventive maintenance program for the collection system is the jetting activity. The Division has one high-pressure jetter called a Vac-con that utilizes water pressure to score pipes of grit and grease. The debris is jetted to a down stream manhole where it is vacuumed into the vehicles containment body for disposal. This system approach eliminates the migration of debris in the collections system by removing it during the pressure washing activity.



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